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"Mind States Highzzz" was unleashed on 12 / 01 / 2003.

It plays on most DVD players and we ship to all countries!

The 3hr DVD comes with great sound, 5 main chapter points, one bonus video (Kucinich 4 president), and many great speakers!

The menu-graphic is a brain on fire with wild nature sounds animating it.

This live edit by the creator of Liquid Crystal Vision (Omananda) is a great memory of Mindstates IV. This multimedia DVD has visuals by Omananda, Tantric Demon and Arcane. "Mind States Highzzz" features speakers such as: Allyson Grey, Mark Henson, Mark Pesce, R.U. Sirius, Ralph Metzner, Martina Hoffmann, Alex Grey, Sheldon Norberg, Fred Tomaselli, Myron J. Stolaroff, Wrye Sententia, VS. Ramachandran, Nicholas Sands, Robert Venosa, Ann and Sasha Shulgin, Stanislav Grof, Sandra Karpetas, Jean Millay, Jah Levi, Jefe de los Ongos, Carolyn Garcia aka Mountain Girl, Luke Brown, and others.