Credits Close


Liquid Crystal Vision

was channeled by

Omananda and Tantric Demon



idea and concept




final editors

Billy Rood and Torsten Klimmer



director of photography









computer animation

Tantric Demon

Rogue Design

Nathan Vogel



special effects


Dr. Spook



integration of visuals and sound design

Torsten Klimmer



sound engineer

Rob Rayle - Reality Sound



sound tracks

Owls sample - Suicide Sound

Visitation arena - Visitation uk

Shpongle live mix in studio - uk

Sarasvati - Uni and Yapo - Equinox Japan

Govinda devotional with Joie Favier singing - Bufo - Ceiba USA

DMT remix - Shpongle - TIP uk

Home on the strange - Doof - Twisted uk

It’s tomorrow already - Irresistible force - Ninja Tune uk

Dulci Dna - Dawn and Aaron

Nights in Shining Alma - Doof - Twisted uk

The love that moves the sun and stars mix - Youth and Simon Posford - Dragonfly uk

Djimbe - the Nommos with Ariane drumming - Ceiba USA

The future is now - Spacetribe - Spiritzone Germany

8:30 and Mars - Biodegradable USA

Harvey and the old ones - Banco de Gaia - disco gecko uk

Raptor - Kode 4 - Ceiba USA

Shakin not Stirred - Bufo - Ceiba USA



Interviews by Omananda

Dj and Saddhu GoaGil

Swami Chaitanya Brahmachari

Yogi Brahma Chaitanya

Psychedelic Island Foundation - Bruce Eisner

Chaos Works - Gregory Sams

Cybervixen Joie Favier

Kode 4 - Peter Ziegelmeyer

Shpongle - Raja Ram and Simon Posford

Nathan Dr. Spook Vogel

Verbum - Michael Gosney - Radio V


Mark Heley

Brad Santosh Olsen

Nick Crayson



interviews by Omananda and Tantric

Sue Hall and John Hoppi Hopkins


System 7



interview by Clear Light Video

Alex Grey



performance artists

Sheila Rae Young

Monique Aguerre




Filmed by Omananda on Location at

Glastonbury festival uk

Stonehenge Summer Solstice uk

Shiva party California

Solipse Hungary

Burning Man USA

Boom Festival Portugal

Monks at Angkor Wat Cambodia

Saddhus in Himalaya

Flea market shots Goa India

Tribal People Laos



Filmed by Billy on Location at

Lunar eclipse Cusco Peru

Recalim the Streets London



Additional video

Archive footage supplied by Undercurrents - uk

Special effects Footage from Illuminations by mystic K




Andy George

Dan Ellis




title sequence

Dr. Spook





Thanks to everyone who contributed to this divine project,
especially the Equinox-family in Japan, the CCC, Solipse productions, Boom Festival, Mark Neil, Dinaz Stafford,
Chester, Will Penna, Neidi, Michael O Rource, Abi and Zoe, Aaron and Dawn, Julia and Larry, Kiran, Valery, Susumu, Ken, J-stone and all the people that tolerated the camera in their faces!

Thanks to Mother India and the board of tourism
in Cambodia and Laos. Most special thanks to Spirit
who created this project at the first place!




Peace and Love to all sentient beings




© 2002 Liquid Crystal Vision, all rights reserved